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Are you looking for an internship that really challenges and encourages you? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because as a long-established family business, it has always been our claim to also give young people a real chance – because after all, you are our future!

No matter if you are a pupil, student or working student: At HUEHOCO you are not just a number, but a member of our team. You get the chance to grow with real challenges, develop yourself, gain experience and prove your skills. Do your internship with us – we are looking forward to you.

Your student internship

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Welcome to HUEHOCO – the perfect place for your student internship! We know how important it is for everyone to get a glimpse of the professional world and explore their interests. And that’s why you’ve come to the right place. Because with us you will get a realistic insight into different professional fields.

In addition, we will provide you with a personal contact person who will accompany you. And: Your student internship at HUEHOCO can be the first step in your professional career. If you like it here, there are many opportunities open to you – whether as a trainee or even as a future employee.

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Your student internship

Perfect for your bachelor or master thesis

Your thesis is just around the corner? Then come and join us. Because at HUEHOCO you have the opportunity to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis in a practical environment and thus set the course for a promising career.

Our experienced employees will be at your side as mentors. You benefit from their knowledge and expertise, but at the same time you have the freedom to go your own way. In addition, we offer you an inspiring environment where you can work on exciting projects and develop your skills in the process.

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Your working student internship

The perfect balance

As a working student, you are a true multi-talent! With one foot in the lecture hall and the other in the working world, you skillfully juggle theory and practice. And HUEHOCO now offers you the chance to develop your skills and participate in exciting projects.

As a link between university and company, you bring fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge to the table. And in return, you’ll gain valuable insights into the professional world. The close connection between theory and practice makes you a sought-after professional. In addition, you enjoy flexible working hours with us, so you can concentrate fully on university whenever you need to.

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We recommend the option of applying online. The documents are then sent directly to the relevant contact person so that we can send feedback on the application as quickly as possible.

Our job offers

The heart of the application and for a good first impression is the resume. We want to make things as easy as possible for our applicants, which is why we can dispense with a cover letter and references in the first step where possible, but are still always happy to hear a few warm words to find out more about motivation.

No application is required for membership in our HUEHOCO network. All you need to do is register via our careers page. We are interested in how we can co-create careers with members in our HUEHOCO network. The more we learn about our talent, the more suitable entry-level opportunities we can recommend or invite to nearby events. Therefore, it is recommended to simply update your profile if necessary.

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We ask to submit attachments in PDF format only. An attachment should not exceed a maximum file size of 15 MB, a photo should be about 1.5 MB if possible.